Shadow of a Giant is an interactive web documentary that tells the story of one Canada’s largest environmental disasters, Yellowknife’s Giant Mine. Buried in collapsing chambers, within the municipal boundary of Yellowknife, and beside the 9th largest lake in the world, sits 237,000 tons of the highly toxic contaminant, arsenic trioxide, a byproduct of the defunct gold mine. The city of Yellowknife and the surrounding aboriginal communities depend on a remediation plan that will refrigerate the arsenic into place, until a permanent solution can be found. Shadow of a Giant tells the story of Giant through the people who live on top of it and call it home. From the remediation (clean up) team, who work to stabilize the arsenic; to the people who live and work in Yellowknife; to those who worked at the mine; to the proponents of the extraction industry in the north; to the Yellowknives Dene First Nations that live within hundreds of metres of the contaminated site. Their collective voices tell the story of Giant’s history. Their ideas of what the Giant mine site could become reflects a painful history for these communities, but also reveals a brighter future this toxic legacy. Director: Clark Ferguson Producers: Lesley Johnson and Clark Ferguson with Western Arctic Moving Pictures Writers and Research: Clark Ferguson and Lesley Johnson Animators: Sasha Stanojevic, Lyuba Kirkova, Saki Murotani Website Graphical Design: Sasha Stanojevic, Lyuba Kirkova and Sailing on Sound Website Coding, Design and Web Animation: Sailing on Sound Camera: Clark Ferguson Additional Camera: Davis Heslep and Pablo Saravanja Location Sound: Clark Ferguson and Lesley Johnson Editing: Clark Ferguson and additional editing by Paul Neudorf Music and Scoring: Gilles Zolty with Chris Flower Audio Mix: Gilles Zolty This project commenced through a Canada Council Residency project through Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) in the fall of 2012. Special thanks to Sergeo Kirby and Loaded Pictures Participants: Adrian Paradis Kevin O’Reilly Walt Humphries Erin Freeland Ballantyne Lee Selleck Gary Vaillancourt Fred Sangris Bill Enge Susan Enge Ryan Silke Mayor Mark Heyck Yvonne Quick David Livingstone Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox Jeff Humble Dennis Bevington Mark Brown Thank You: All of our project participants The Giant Mine Remediation Project Team (AANDC and GNWT) The board of Western Arctic Moving Pictures Yellowknives Dene First Nation The City of Yellowknife North Slave Métis Association The Mining Heritage Society of the NWT The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Jeremy Emerson Davis Heslep Terry Woolf Pablo Saravanja Sergeo Kirby Tamas Wormser France Benoit Amos Scott Laura Wright Michael Simons Paul Shoebridge Meagan Wholberg Erika Nyyssonen Camilla MacEachern Jay Bulckaert Loren McGinnis Riel Stevenson Burke Travis Mercredi Melaw Nakehk’o Joel Ashley Maillet Pat Kane Vanessa Baron Jillian Mazur Shannon Gault Archival Photography from the NWT Archives and include photography from: John Russell fonds June Helm fonds The Canadian Government Travel Bureau Henry Busse fonds Tessa Macintosh Valerie Conrad and other unknown photographers. N-1979-052-1956, N-1979-052-4658, N-1979-003-0510, N-1979-063-0007, N-1979-003-0123, N-1979-052-2011, N-1979-052-1927, N-1979-052-1934, G-1995-001-6846, G-1995-001-6213, N-1995-002-4106, N-1979-053-0179, N-1079-073-0566, N-1979-056-0049, N-1979-052-1947, G-1979-012-0005, N-1979-052-4818, N-1979-052-4665, N-1979-052-0182, N-1979-052-1952, N-1995–002-4107, N-1979-052-1523, N-1979-052-1529, N-1979-003-0112, N-1979-053-0079, N-1979-052-2029, N-1979-052-1952, N-1979-052-1947, N-1979-004-0173, N-1979-003-0124, N-2003-037-0352 Archival Video: ‘The 10,000 Brick’ Permission for use from Terry Woolf ‘This is Yellowknife’ Permission for use from NWT Mining Heritage Society. ‘Archival footage of Johnny Baker and Yellowknife’, Permission from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre LOGOS Canada Council of the Arts (first and prominent) NWT Industry Tourism and Investment NWT Arts Council WAMP Saskatchewan Arts Board Saskatchewan Film Pool